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Neighborhood Skateboarding is the authority when it comes to Skateboarding lessons for kids AND adults. Hands on learning , combined with team building exercises , as well as solo missions for self-sufficiency. Safety first! and ride on!! 🙂 


skateboarding lessons for kids and adults

Skate today, skate tommorrow. Skate forever after you start it! It’s the healthiest habit for your mind and body that give you real adrenaline and dopamine rushes. Strap the helmet and pads on, we are goin ridin’!

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One on One and Team skateboarding techniques. This is very hands on training as well as solo-oriented. We will teach team building excercises as well how to be self-suffiecient on the skateboard. 

West Valley Skate Park

3189 S 5600 W, West Valley, UT 84128

Sandy Skate Park

10140 700 E, Sandy, UT 84070

Custom- Locations

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